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Hokianga Harbour from Arai te Uru park

Rainbow Falls in Kerikeri

The Pickled Parrot hostel in Paihia

Ocean view from Paihia

We got up early today and checked out of the hostel, then drove to Kaikohe for breakfast. We found a great little place with really nice owners, great food and coffee! Afterwards we drove to Rainbow Falls in Kerikeri. We had to hike about an hour each way to get to the falls, but it was really nice and sort of the idyllic "tropical" waterfall scenario. After that we went into Kerikeri (the town, that is!) for groceries, then drove on to Paihia. We checked into the "Pickled Parrot" hostel (they actually have a really cute little green parrot here named Pohmy -- a reference to the Brits who gave him to the hostel!), which Katherine is a regular at, having stayed here many times over the last few months. For those of you who, like me, have heard the nickname "Pohm" for Brits, but don't know what it means, it apparently stands for "Prisoner of Her Majesty". I would have thought that refers to Australians, since Australia was the prison colony, but what do I know?! After some lunch we headed to the beach for a swim and a bit of sun. I had to put on about 11 gallons of SPF 45 to prevent myself from getting burned, but it's all good! The water is not warm, but it's not really cold, either, so it's manageable. We went to buy stuff for dinner, and Katherine forced me at gunpoint to cook, which I was a bit nervous about. You try cooking for a chef! Anyways, I made a nice pasta in cream sauce with garlic, chicken, mushrooms and onions, and it was pretty good. Katherine gave me a crutch by barbequeing the chicken breast for me. Afterwards we had a few beers and socialized with the other hostel patrons, then went to bed. (You'll notice there are no pictures on the site yet, but that's because I haven't found a computer that I can upload images on yet. I'll wait until I get to David and Karen's in Sydney before I do that, so you'll see some pictures from the previous few days on here once that happens. Cheers!)

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