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Gull Island, look closely at all the birds.

Another view of Gull Island

Otter momma with her pup on her stomach...

Another great Eagle picture..

Our destination, Otter Cove Resort

View from our table..

With Rick and some of the guys in the campground going fishing again on Wednesday, some of the girls decided to take a ferry trip to the town of Seldovia. Well, when we got to the dock the ferry we planned on taking was already full and gone so we decided on a alternate trip to Otter Cove Resort in the Kachemak Bay State Park which is located 5 miles due South of Homer across the Kachemak Bay. We did make reservations for Seldovia for the next day and I'll tell you about it in the next post.

Our trip began at noon with a short cruise around the harbor in Homer with the guide telling us all about the history of boating and fishing the waters around Homer. Each year over 10 millon pounds of halibut are caught commercially in the waters surrounding Homer (this doesn't include the thousands of pounds caught by private and charter boats). This makes up about 25% of the halibut that is consumed worldwide each year. No wonder Homer is the "Halibut Capital of the World". We then headed out to the waters of Kachemak Bay and just when we got up to full speed, the boat hit something in the water that bent the propeller, the captain called the chater company and was told to keep going, just slow down a bit, so we continued on our way at a much reduced speed. Our next stop was Gull Island which is the summer breeding home to over 28,000 birds including puffins, cormorants, kittwakes and of course seagulls. It was amazing watching thousands and thousands of birds flying and landing and swimming around this huge rock in the middle of the bay. The noise was deafening at times because they were so loud. We also visited 60 Foot Rock which is home to many sea otters and many of them were carrying their newborn pups on their stomachs. They were so cute and playful, it's like they were putting on a show for our enjoyment. The closer we got to Otter Cove we saw some porposies playing also. Once we made it to Otter Cove Resort we were treated to a delicious lunch in the Rookery Restaurant and our table had a magnificent view of the bay and surrounding mountains. We arrived back into Homer around 4:00. Even though this wasn't our intended destination for the day, it was lots of fun and we really enjoyed it.

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