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The Corinthian Canal


The Lion's Gate at the entrance to the palace at Mycenae

Headed off after breakfast toward Mycenae. This was a kingdom allegedly founded by Perseus and then later ruled by Agamemnon (those of you who have read the Iliad or seen 'Troy' will know who he is). The ruins of the original palace are still there and overlook the entire valley. We exchanged bus drivers (apparently since Athens is the hub of Greece most of the striking drivers were making issues there so it was okay to drive outside of Athens) and dropped off Katarina before making our lunch stop. The food in Greece seems to be considerably cheaper than in France and especially the UK. This afternoon was our longest on the bus as we made our way to Olympia. Checked into the hotel, relaxed for a bit, then met up with the group for dinner. Again impressed with the food. Headed into town and, while some people shopped or went straight to the bar, tried to find the internet. Finally found it but it was so slow it wasn't worth bothering with. Met up with the group at the pre-arranged bar and stayed about 45 minutes. This was about 44 minutes too long for me so I headed off back to the hotel with a few others around 11:00. Unfortunately we had done a pretty awful job estimating walking time versus driving time so we arrived about 11:45 which was approximately 25 minutes before the bus returned with the rest of the group.

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