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From Madrid to Barcelona and then on past the French Riviera, my Special Reclining Class train seat has left me with a numb bum! The Spanish Renfe train system is efficient and comfortable and seems to be keeping more or less on schedule.

The scenery has been gorgeous and the activity on the train amusing, so the time has passed relatively quickly. I've finished my first book and several magazines but have actually found myself staring out of the windows for extended periods of time, reflecting on life at home and wondering about my adventures ahead. I guess that's part of the point of travelling -- removing yourself from your every-day world allows you an opportunity to reflect on it with some objectivity or, at the very least, with some distance!

I have been looking forward to seeing Florence ever since I took an Art History class in university. Seeing the art treasures of Florence has long been one of the items on my life's "to do" lists and I am still pinching myself that I am so close to actually being there. One more sleep -- or should I say "recline"??

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