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View from my Koh Samui Bungalow at high tide

Ernesto and Jarrod (my neighbors on Church St) Rum and Coke in...

Sun and Snorkling at Koh Tao

Note... new pictures added from Mardi Gras up to now***

Took a Thai Airlines Boeing 777 for a 2 hour 900 mile flight from Singapore to Bangkok early Wednesday morning and got to Bangkok at about 10am. I knew that Thailand would be great when i boarded the plane and all the flight attendents would bow when i passed them. Good food too!

Earlier this week, my friend Danny from San Fran sent me an email that he'd be in Bangkok on the 12th, so since I arrived on the 9th I figured I'd explore the country first and then have a weekend in the big city with Danny. When i arrived i took a shuttle to the domestic terminal and began looking for places to go. Then I pulled out a piece of paper that my friend Vince had given me and he wrote down Koh Samui so I looked into it at a local travel desk. The guys there were nice and booked my round trip flight and a place to stay(a private bungalow on the beach looking out at the water) for only about $280USD. The only airline you can fly to the islands is Bangkok Air. Flights to Phuket were cheaper, to increase tourism since the Tsunami, but i decided to stick with Koh Samui. Koh means Island in Thai and this island is right off the coast of the city of Samui. I spent the first day lounging around and then walked to the city center. There, I met a couple of guys named Jarrod and Ernesto who live on the same street as I do in San Francisco, about 7 blocks away. They were way cool so we hung out the rest of the night.

I had also picked out a tour yesterday that i took today and went snorkeling at a couple other islands. They picked me up at the campsite here and took me to a high speed catamaran, similar to the ones that ferry you around in Greece. In 90 minutes (headed north you can see on the Thailand map here) we were at a place called Koh Phenang where we snorkeled and some some great fish for a couple hours. Then off to Koh Tao which is like 3 islands joined together by a beach. The snorkeling wasnt as good there as there werent many fish, but the beach was awesome with that sparkling blue water.

So now its off to dinner and one last bit of island nightlife before i fly back to Bangkok. Again... I have no plans or ideas what to do but winging it so far has been fun. I've been told to have some suits custom made for really cheap and they'll ship them to the US for me. Hoping Danny's plans work out for a Saturday arrival!


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