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The Alaskan Pipeline in the Yukon

Our lovely campground in Beaver Creek, Yukon Territory

Overgrown weeds, junk, etc. in Beaver Creek. There wasn't many options in...

E=3>08-08-08...Friday. 5,247 miles. Miles that we have traveled according to the odometer on the Alfa; which doesn’t include the total amount of miles on the four segments of the Alaskan Marine Ferry; Sitka, being the farthest south. We traveled the Southeast portion of Alaskan, the Kenai Peninsular, the South central, and as much of the Interior as we had planned. All since we left home, June 4th. WOW! We came as far north as we wanted to. Plus, the fireweed wild flowers are taking to seed…the natives say that is a sure sign of winter. We’re heading south! Maybe we’ll still be able to catch some summer along our route, and at home!

After a few pit stops on our way out of Fairbanks, we started out on the Richardson Highway. Delta Junction is where we turned off this highway and on to the famous Alcan, towards Tok. We knew what the Alcan had in store for us south of Tok…frost heaves, gravel, construction, “dips” and many orange flags on the roadway. It was the same, however, possibly a slight bit improved. We didn’t encounter the 4th of July traffic as before, and it wasn’t as dry and dusty.

After a late morning start out of Fairbanks, we managed to put a little over 300 miles behind us. We lost an hour coming back into the Yukon, and we called it a night in Beaver Creek, YK. Rather a dump of a place, alongside the Alcan, put it offered electricity; it was 8:00 pm.

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