Bonkoski's Alaskan Trip Journal 2008 travel blog

Two wood bisons (wild buffalos) alongside the Alcan

A bull, snorting at me!

Wood bison that stopped traffic on the Alcan

As observed through the front window of our motorhome. We were completely...

A little one trying to cross the Alcan all alone!

The "little one" safe with its' mother!

SIZE=3>August 10th…Sunday. There were blue skies as we awoke. Bob dusted off the cob webs of his shorts, buried deep in the drawers of the motor home. He anticipated summer…today!

We often find it difficult to recall the date, the day…we generally are aware of the month…that’s all. Today appeared to be the start of our left behind summer of 2008. It felt good! We had a fairly early start (anything prior to 10:00 a.m. is early for us). Our short day of 300 miles would put us back in Liard River, British Columbia. We had stopped in this nothing of a town on our trip to Alaska. Liard River Hot Springs seemed like a nice spot to spend an late afternoon/early evening; dipped in the waters that ranged from 107 to 125 degrees. We were ready to boil of our road pains of driving.

The Canadian Rockies were still in front, to include all 6% to 10% grades. “Whatever goes up, must come down”. Bob has it mastered with whatever he does by the “walking method” on the transmission of the Alfa, as to not overheat the motor home while going up these tremendous grades.

300 miles was a short day for us! However, we couldn’t just drive pass the Hot Springs without stopping; might as well be for the night. Just about 10 miles out of Liard River, wood bison on the side of the road. We stopped, of course to take more photos. A short drive up the road, more wood bison, all over the road. They had the traffic stopped, as these large animals meandered both sides of the Alcan, eating the green vegetation at their leisure. The little ones were certainly cute!

We spent that evening just as leisurely as the bison…relaxing in the hot springs; dinner, a few cocktails and early to bed; for we had many, many, many more miles ahead us.

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