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100 yen = 1 US dollar


30 degrees celcius most days and rather humid as well. When it rained here, it bucketed down.


Beer (Asahi, Saporo, Kirin) = $2USD for a 50ml can at supermarkets. $4-10USD at restaurants and bars

Sushi = $1USD for a couple of small bits of sushi

Bento box (a great invention) = $6-10USD

Actually you can find food here relatively cheaply. However some things did blow us away - how about $5 US for a peach! Fruit is very expensive.

Quirky Japan

Electronic toilets everywhere complete with a button that emitted a flushing toilet sound should your toilet habits be a little loud! Peter Lynch - this would be good for you!

Musical pedestrian crossings

The Japanese people follow rules to the ninth degree, for example, at pesedtrian crossings they do not cross the road until the green man sign and music starts playing - this is even if there is not a car in sight! Also, at many tourist spots there are arrows showing you which way to go - if you go the wrong way even if there is nobody else there, a guard will come and tell you off!


Japanese food is fantastic. Some of our favourites were:

Katsu curry


Conveyor belt sushi

Bento boxes


Alcoholic lemonade (for Heidi anyway!)

Our primary dislikes were the volume of tofu they eat here (its in lots of things) and fermented wheat was also disgusting

Favourite place

Magome and Tsumago in the Japanese Alps

Overall Conclusion

Great country and easy to travel around however travel and accommodation costs are quite high, and the Japanese habits can wear you down after a while.

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