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Hat Rei Ley East mangrove beach

Hat Rei Ley West beach




Getting ready for rock climbing!




Tara holding our guide!






The view from the top is not all that bad

Da not too sure about this



Getting there slowly


He definitely not sure about this




He's almost there...


Yea!! he got there






Tara obviously enjoying every minute of the climb (instead of screaming like...






















































The journey to Krabi was pretty spectacular - eroded limestone mountains with lush greenery covering them. Krabi Town itself is a typical tourist town with nice places to stay and lots of restaurants, tho there's also a great night market where we ate well very cheaply, and the fishermen still use (very noisy) long-tail boats. We decided to make the most of the incredible limestone rock formations and go rock-climbing; needless to say Da wasn't sure about this so he took the half day option while Tara went for the full day.

We got a boat to Rai Ley beach, which is stunning, and walked minutes to our first climb. The scenery was amazing - different from anything else we've seen, and being able to climb up 30m to take in the view was pretty cool.

The rock climbing itself was a lot of fun, but really hard (and Da squealed every time on the way back down - he he). By lunch time our arms were exhausted and Tara wasn't quite sure how she was going to manage the afternoon. Our guide said it was ok for Da to come along to take pictures, and he was very glad he did: Panang beach, which we walked along to reach our afternoon site, was indescribably beautiful (really - the pictures definitely don't do it justice) - white beach, blue sea, and huge tree-covered rocks with their caves and stalactites (so many that the rocks looked like they were melting in lots of places). We walked up to a group of caves on the hillside, and Da was lucky (or not!) 'cos the guide let him climb without charging :). After two more climbs (the last one of which completely finished Tara's hands and arms - Da declined it!), we clambered up into a big cave so that we could abseil down into the forest below (you can imagine how much Da enjoyed that!). A short trek to Rai Ley West beach, and we were finished - tired but happy. The Krabi area is one we would difinitely go back to!

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