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A pretty flower

Sunset over Phi Phi island





Da: wildlife photographer extraordinaire



It's certainly not ugly here


It's not a horrible place!


Walking around the island - we're a bit lucky that it's low...

A sneaky crab










Oh, we found this very pretty beach on the other side of...


































Da doing some impressive kayaking






Maya beach at low tide where 'The Beach' was filmed

A sea urchin

A fluffy sea cucumber

A slightly less fluffy sea cucumber

Bida Nok and Bida Nai islands (with incredible diving below)


One amazing sunset



Goodbye Maya beach

Koh Phi Phi in sunset






Very talented fire dancers


Hello fishes!

A green turtle having lunch :)

... and having lunch disturbed by a pesky fish

Beautiful cuttlefish


A tiny nudibranch (cutest moluscs in the world!)

A frogfish!


Front view of the frogfish




Pipefish and dancing shrimp



another little nudibranch hiding amongst the corals

Many fish...

... and many bubbles!

Koh Phi Phi is very beautiful (tho we liked the area around Krabi better!), and very, very crazy! Night time activities on offer (during the 3 days we were here) included... multiple beach parties, a pirate night, Muay Thai boxing (there was actually a ring in one of the bars - beat up your friends for free drinks!), a wet T-shirt competition (highly cultural stuff!), fire dancing, fire limbo, fire rope jumping (in fact anything they could do with fire they did!).

During the days we explored the island a bit - all of the crowds were in the main 'town' and its beaches, the rest of the island was beautifully peaceful, and the beaches idyllic. We also explored away from the island by diving (for Tara - no whale sharks,but 4 turtles!) and a snorkelling and kayaking sunset tour (for Da, who picked a perfect sunset for it!).

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