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Mississippi River





Day 195 Friday 24th October Trempealeau Perrot State Park WI

It rained most of last night and continued for the morning therefore there weren’t too many photos. It was a straight run along route 21 from Oshkosh to La Crosse. The countryside has been rather flat with the inimitable corn fields. By now the corn fields are all a straw colour and dried out. You can buy a 100lb of corn for about $13 at many garages.

By mid-afternoon, we were in La Crosse where we took a look at the parkland on the banks of the Mississippi river. We were not able to take a ride on one of the paddle steamers – this time of the year tourist attractions begin to close down or restricted time table.

As the weather is rather ordinary, we decided to stop driving a little earlier than normal and stay overnight in the state park. The park is very beautiful with the Mississippi river flowing by and large oak trees showing off their autumn colours. Here the camp sites are large with a carpet of autumn leaves. However you do get the feeling you are being ripped off with the cost of a power only (no water or sewerage disposal) site being $29. But a plus is that we do have internet coverage and even more surprising we picked up a local TV channel and actually saw some news, I reckon we’ve only done that about half a dozen times since leaving Napa. According to the weather on TV, this weekend could bring a bit of snow to the region; see that’s what happens when you watch TV.

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