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Perrot State Park in the morning light

Mississippi river at Perrot State Park

within Perrot State Park


Morning lights in state park


Township of Alma on Mississippi River

Township of Alma on Mississippi River

Canoeing on one of the side water passages on the Mississippi

Some hunters getting ready to head off into the woods - I...

Someone taking their speed boat out of the river before the winter...


Street facade along the banks of the Mississippi in Pepin

Railway track that goes thru Pepin, houses on one side of the...

Steve got out of the RV and had a closer inspection of...


Local Lutherian church near Pepin

one of the farms with their corn looking very dead


Barge moving south on the Mississippi river

The corn can make some interesting patterns in the fields

Little House on the Prairie - info board outside Laura Ingles Wilder's...


Replica of the house she was born in


The real Laura Ingles Wilder

Water pump outside the cabin

Day 196 Saturday 25th October Hastings MN pg 55 P10

This morning started rather early for me, we are now on Central Time and we changed all our watches/PC etc back an hour except the electric clock in our bedroom and I got up at 6.30am to put the water heater and room heater on then jumped back into bed until 7am then had my shower only to find out when I switched on the PC it was really only 6am.

We took a beautiful drive around Perrot State Park this morning, the morning light was shining thru the trees and the early morning mist, it looked sensational. We saw a couple of eagles flying high above the trees, some water fowl and of course the never ending squirrels busying themselves around the trees and car parks – they never sit still long enough to even grab your camera, let alone take a snap shot.

Driving north along the banks of the Mississippi River on Rte 35 we pulled into Alma. The River needed to be deepened to accommodate the large barges that use the waterways, so in 1930 the US Army Corps of Engineers began to build a system of some 29 locks and dams to make the river easier to navigate by increasing the depth across the shallow areas of the river. One of these Locks is easily seen in Alma.

Then it was on to Pepin. Lake Pepin is a large natural lake on the Mississippi, nearly 3 miles wide and 20 miles long, along the shore are tall bluffs and rich farmland. This is also the birth place of Laura Ingles Wilder – she is the author of the popular series of books including ”Little House on the Prairie” from which the television series was based on. She was born in 1867 and died in 1957. The house she was born in has long since gone as was situated in a lucrative farming area, but the current owner of the property has duplicated a replica of her house that is open to the public. Sadly it is simply a log cabin with nothing inside, but still it was nice to see.

The next little town is Stockholm. We stopped and took a stroll around this wee town, with its galleries, gift and antiques shops. It is a quaint little Midwestern village.

Moving on, in Prescott we went to the visitors centre which overlooks the junction of the Mississippi and St Croix Rivers – there is a distinct ‘colour line’ between the bluish waters of the St Croix river and the brown muddy Mississippi, however this colour change is not easily seen from the visitors centre anymore as the trees have grown rather large on the perimeter of the grounds.

We then crossed the over to the west side of the Mississippi River and only a few miles south arrived in Hastings. This is where we have stopped tonite, once again at Uncle Wally’s.

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