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Sihanoukville beach

The lion statues stand proudly to the entrance of the beach


A cute puppy at one of the beach bars



Fire dancer


Koh Kot island - we went diving around this area

Fishermen boats made of styrofoam

Here's a fisherman using one now





Other divers and snorkellers

Sihanoukville was our last time by the sea this trip, and we were here for the Cambodian coronation holiday, so there were at least as many holidaying Khmers as there were foreigners, which was nice. It is pretty heavily touristed, and the diving wasn't great (lots of sand and starfish, but not a lot else - we've been a bit spoilt with our previous diving!), but relaxing in the sun on the long white beach by the warm blue sea wasn't horrible(!). While we were here, we also went to eat at the Snake House - a cross between a restaurant and a... well, snake house, with lots of displays of different snakes and other reptiles (you'd have loved it Gran!).

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