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These two very large boulders had at some stage fallen down off...

The soil is looking a bit more red now rather than the...


Wooh - we came around the bed in the road and found...







Devils Tower from a distance

Prairie dogs playing beside the roadway




The Tower looks huge when you are up close and personal with...


Man, I'm only half way around

Some of my dramatic late afternoon shots


I like this one too.

This is a close neighbour at Wal Marts, he one of about...

Day 204 Sunday 2nd November Sheridan Wyoming pg 116 A10

The main attraction for today has been a visit to Devils Tower (designated a National Monument) and what made it better was that it is administered by the National Parks Service therefore we were able to use our National Parks Pass. The igneous rock tower was about two hours drive from where we camped last night. It can be seen for miles before you reach the Tower.

The Tower rises 867 feet from its base, the diameter of its base is 1,000 feet and apparently the area of its teardrop-shaped top is 1.5 acres. It’s a 2km walk around the base and we completed the walk, yep even me and it was a bit up and down in places. There were at least 3 or 4 groups of climbers on the Tower as well. All I can say is that I’m sure glad my feet were firmly planted on the ground instead of dangling off a rope half way up a big rock.

The walk was actually quite pleasant, even though I was stuffed by the end, the pathway took us between the Ponderosa Pines – we noticed that some of the bark on the base of the pines was missing – we were asking each other was it an animal or humans who were defacing the trees. I asked the ranger back at the start of the walk and was informed that the Porcupines are pulling it all off and eating the bark. One of the reasons is that they live in the rocks at the base of Devils Tower and it’s easy for them to come down at nite and munch away without any interruptions, apparently they like the bitumen pathway because it holds the heat.

Returning once again to the I90 we headed thru the townships of Gillette, Buffalo and then into Sheridan, which is where we are staying tonite. We are back to Uncle Wally’s again. Tomorrow we will be heading westward into the Bighorn Mountains and then onto Yellowstone National Park perhaps by the end of tomorrow.

The weather is very pleasant, we are experiencing mid to high 70’s during the day, which is a comfortable t-shirt temperature, and then back into coats in the evening. No sign of snow as yet.

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