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William F Cody ............ Buffalo Bill



Buffalo Bill


This is quite an impressive hotel in the main street

This is the Cherry wood bar given to Buffalo Bill from Queen...


Side view of Irma Hotel

The weather was closing in on us at a fast pace


A farmer harvesting his corn before too much snow comes down




Even with low light, the Rockie Mountains still peaked thru the mist.

A pocket of light as the sun was setting in the west

Some interesting clouds during sunset


Day 206 Tuesday 4th November Bozeman MT page 60 I 9

What an exciting day to be the USA to witness the election of the first Afro American President of the country. I believe that the country has come of age and proved to the world that all men are equal and any American citizen (as long as you are born in the USA) has the opportunity to become President.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson on July 4 1776 and the Declaration of Independence:-

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”I think the charisma of Barack Obama is similar to John F Kennedy; a fresh new face and presented a new vision for the nation that transcended both political parties. I am sure there will be plenty of people praying that he doesn’t suffer the same fate as JKF.

The hype is now all over and the hard work begins. Getting the economy moving again, improving the public health system and implementing an exit policy out of Iran and Afghanistan will be Obama’s greatest challenges.

Now for the rest of the day: We had just about exhausted our clean knickers supply so we need to do some laundering of clothes. While Bronni was looking after the washing (I have done most of the washing to date), I went to the Buffalo Bill Historic Centre in Cody (Wyoming) but unfortunately the museum was on winter time and only open from Thursday to Sunday. The security/receptionist took pity on me and gave me a book on the museum which retails for $12.95.

Next I went to the Visitors Centre to ask some questions regarding the road to Yellowstone National Park; the staff had a look on the computer and showed me a real time photo of the main street Cooke City (NE entrance into the park) which was covered in snow and advised that the passes would even have a greater covering of snow.

Cody appears to have a number of high quality galleries and museums. I went into one that had some superb paintings and sculptures that depicts life in this region. The prices attached to these art works matched the enormous size of the paintings; they certainly weren’t giving these master pieces away.

William F Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill is the founding father of the city of Cody, with many establishments and places bearing his name. We had lunch at the Irma Hotel which was built by Buffalo Bill in 1902 and soaked up some of the atmosphere of the Wild West in the early 1900’s. Apparently the main bar in the hotel was a gift from Queen Victoria (UK) to thank him for bringing his Wild West show to London.

The weather has been threatening all day. Because the road to Yellowstone was not recommended, in fact we were later told it had been closed, we changed our route and headed north along 120 before heading west on Interstate 90 at Billings. The I90 west followed the Yellowstone River through the valleys with the Rocky Mountains on either side. The valley seems to support cattle ranching, however we have noticed that the farmers here in Montana like their horses and there is certainly lots of them visible on the ranches as well.

The last 30 miles coming into Bozeman was had an enormous head winds and side winds; at one stage I had the steering wheel turned almost 90 degrees to keep the RV going in a straight line.

This is B …. Gosh what a shame I didn’t get to go to the art gallery and look at all that stuff, someone had to take charge of the laundry duties….!!!

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