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This is our wee van outside Uncle Wally's this morning

Passing countryside en-route to Butte


Some open cut mining near Butte

Descending down from one of the mountain passes on I90

Our morning tea way-side stop

Ozzie playing in the snow

This is Butte with a little bit of the white stuff all...

The silly ferret was coming down the mountain on ATV - he...


This was playtime at a local school in Butte

I wonder how much power would be generated with snow on the...

"Up-town" Butte

A couple of locals removing the election signs already


This wee shack doesn't look too warm inside...

Lighting over the mountains

Near Georgetown Lake

Georgetown Lake

The local campground - hmmm a bit chilly




Back down on the valley floor near Philipsburg



I just love the patches of sunlight that highlight spots on the...

Don't you love the dark sky behind




Day 207 Wednesday 5th November Missoula MT pg 60 F4

Last nite was a chilly one, it was snowing a bit before we headed off to bed, but I don’t think we had much more during the nite – there was still some around the van in the morning, but not as much as I thought it would be.

We were a bit late getting on the road this morning as I nicked into Wally’s to grab one or two things …. Well maybe 15-20 by the time I got out of the store … sound familiar?

Heading west once again on the I90 we stopped in the town of Butte. This town is renowned for its copper mining. Mining in the area started back in the 1800’s when gold, silver and copper were all the go. Copper is what really put this town on the map especially during the World Wars as the copper used in the guns was generated from Butte, and life prospered.

Apparently the town’s business houses suffered a horrendous fire which wiped out the entire central business district back in the late 1800’s. Following this disaster, the Butte city council passed a law that required all new buildings downtown, to be built from brick or stone – most of which still stand today.

We took a drive around the down town historic area, which is actually “up town” due to the very steep hills in the area, and saw a lot of these historic buildings, churches, and banks etc that reflect the prosperity of the area.

After lunch we headed off in the direction of Missoula. Getting a little bored with the Interstate Highway, we took a secondary road thru Anaconda and Philipsburg. This road meandered thru forests and a high mountain pass. We also passed by Georgetown Lake, looking rather cold with plenty of snow and grey skies we chose not take a walk, but just look and take photos from the RV.

Descending down the mountain from the Lake the road was quite steep and narrow, but we seem to be getting used to these sorts of roads now. We enjoyed the view of cattle grazing in snow covered paddocks, we even saw some sheep. The strong afternoon sunlight made the landscape and bare trees stand out against the dark skies.

Once in Missoula we found the Tourist office and the helpful lady suggested we would have no trouble taking our chosen route south tomorrow, she also ‘rattled off’ a number of things to do and see in Missoula. Mind you most of those required walking around the streets or along river banks and its way too cold for that sort of adventure. The weather forecast for the next few days is rain and snow, so we’re out of here tomorrow.

We have stopped in Missoula and are expecting an over nite low of around 23F - we’ll see what tomorrow brings on our temperature gauge.

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