A tree fell and crashed our window and dented the car..

The damage...

Nice spa area Cannon Beach RV Resort

The heated pool

Last view

We have had a very rainy week. Last night we woke up to an alarm on our car going off at 4 am. We thought someone was breaking into the car. What we found was the wind blew a huge tree limb right on the side door of our car and smashed the glass. It also made a nice dent in the door. Ugh!!

We talked to the manager of the resort and they are paying the bill for the damage, but it's still a mess to get it fixed. This is a small town and it took us a while to find someone who could fix it. We will be taking it to Seaside on Monday for repair. We will have to rent a car also. Well, it could have fallen on our home instead of the car. Yikes!

We will just use the indoor heated pool and chill a bit and wait on the repairs. I guess we have been pretty fortunate. This is the first real problem we have had since leaving Florida, last February. We did have a rock hit the windshield, but that was fixed the same day. :-) We have a lot more exploring to do in the area and hope we have the time and the weather to do so. More later from the Oregon Coast.

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