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Heidi with all her friends aboard the Canter

Rathambore Fort

What a big pussy cat!

Just in case you missed it - we saw a tiger!

Shaun looking his best

Park scenery

Bambi with his mates

Watch out for the big pussy cat behind you!

Bambi's dad and mum

Lazy tiger on second safari

Yankee tourist spotting

We caught the train from Udaipur to Sawai Modhopur and got in at 1.30am in the morning so decided to use the railway retiring rooms. These are basically rooms you can pay for at the railway stations if you have an early or late arriving train. Actually despite having to go back and forth between various offices to actually get the room (bureaucracy gone mad), we were quite impressed by these and wish we had used them before. For 200 rupees ($4US) we got a room the size of Shaun's house and a huge bathroom. Only problem was that it was very very noisy with all trains honking their horns all through the night.

The next morning we checked into another hotel closer to Ranthambore National Park and booked ourselves on an afternoon safari. Ranthambore National Park (1334sq km) is famous as it is the only place in Rajastan which has tigers. To be honest we were not expecting to see any as the park has quite a bad name due to government officials being implicated in poaching. However we had heard that the park was quite scenic and we were wanting to get out into the countryside again (we are rather sick of cities now).

So off we set on a canter - an open truck that holds about 20 people. The first thing we saw was a rather large crocodile right inside the park walls, as well as a large water snake (we thought it was just a stone). Then five minutes down track 4, we ran into a tiger walking along the road! We could not quite believe it as some people at our hotel had been on 5 safaris and not seen any! So we were very, very lucky and quite chuffed to have seen one. After that, the deer and other things we spotted did not really feel that exciting.

After the safari had finished we did think that we may as well move onto the next town since we had seen a tiger. But as we had booked two nights here, we thought it would be nice to do one more safari to soak up the parks scenery - which is lovely (quite African like). So we booked ourselves onto another safari the following day....and low and behold....we spotted another tiger! Actually I think it was the same one we saw the previous day, however seeing it again was extremely lucky.

Next stop....the pink city.

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