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We arrived in Rome after a three and a half hour train ride and by chance ran into Alice and Steve who we met in Bologna. We were waiting around for ages to get our room so we all grabbed some cans from the fridge just in case we missed out and got prepared for the night out. The girls were drinking wine from what looked like a ten litre bottle they had on the floor.

After a shower and a bit of dinner, we all headed off at about 10pm (dinner is 9pm here) to go for a look through the Trastevere area of Rome.

This area is on the river of rome consisting of narrow alleyways and medieval houses with ancient churches at most piazzas.

Steve was the tour guide and funny to follow because he just puts his head down and goes.

We strolled to the Vatican City and saw St Peter's and the square at night.

St Peter's has my vote as the most beautiful building in the world. We'll get some photo's on here to show you.

Alice thought so and wanted a photo with her tripod, so imagine the view of an australian outside st peter's on his hands and knees so someone can set up a tripod on his back.

After getting some gelato we strolled around for a few more hours and had to get a taxi back at about 1am.

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