Tumalo Camping Area

Nice sites, some right on the river

They also had yurts for $29 a night

The Deschutes River runs through this park too

Jerry checking out a bird in the tree, it was a Kingfisher

Our choice for a picnic

Snow on the banks of the river

Another view

After we left Tumalo State Park we saw this elk

We drove to the other side of the road and it was...

View to our right

Jerry checking out the rock

A call from our grandson Sammy

We spotted this huge bird in the tree

Closer view....I think it was a Golden Eagle

Next stop was a park called Farewell Bend

A nice walk along the Deschutes River....this river runs all through and...

Ducks and geese were all over the place

We walked over this bridge to see the other side of the...

Lots of shops and restaurants on the cliffs

Jerry checking out cliffs

They use a ton of pavers in Bend, Nice!

Stairs to the Plaza

Map of all the parks in the area, there are many..

Ollie visiting with his new friends :-)

Today we visited Tumalo State Park, located on the Deschutes River. It is a quiet, quaint campground where your family can stay in a cool yurt, or camp in your own tent or RV. The yurts are domed tents with structural support, a plywood floor with carpet, lockable wooden door, lights, heating, and beds with mattresses and they are $29 a night. The campsites are only $17 with full hookups. Some are right on the river and most are quite spacious.

They do a lot of fly fishing in the area for trout. This park is only about 6 miles from Bend. There are so many State Parks and awesome places to visit around Bend. We will be very busy exploring all of them. :-) After we checked out the campground, we crossed the road to a huge park with tons of picnic tables. It was hard to decide which place to have our picnic, the table with all the snow around it won. :-)

The water running through the park is rapid. They do a lot of white water rafting in the area. It was another beautiful park we won't forget. After we left the park we drove around the area and followed the river. We found another beautiful spot and stopped for more river pictures. I looked up high in one of the trees and saw a huge bird. I am not positive, but it appears to be a Golden Eagle. Maybe some of our bird expert friends reading this will confirm. After being in Alaska for the whole summer and seeing beautiful Bald Eagles flying everywhere, this Golden was a sight for our eyes. We miss all the bears and critters we saw around every corner in Alaska. We also spotted one elk today. We use to see tons of them together but this one was solo.

Our next stop was Farewell Park. This park is also on the Deschutes River. This river runs right through the middle of downtown and all around the city. Everywhere we go we run into part of it. :-) Bend goes all out with the parks. Most of them have nice pavers to walk on and they are awesome. We walked across the bridge and walked on both sides of the river and enjoyed it much. Ollie met quite a few new friends too. There are a ton of parks connected to this one for miles along the Deschutes. We will be back for more for sure. More later from Bend.

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