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View from the top

Ready to go up the mountain!!!

Jamie, Kat, me and Jen

A beautiful view

More mountain

A windy day on top of the mountain

Cape Town from above

A view of devil's peak and Robben Island

That's me!

The Cable way

A little bit of water in this dry country

The Protea!!!

Animal skins for sale on the water front (yes they are real!!!)


The water front

Mandela's cell

Table mountain from Robben Island

That's me!

Here's one for you mom...not exactly like the windows in Italy huh??

My penguin friend Jack

The last week has been unbelievable. On Friday I went to a township called Nyanga and I was able to interact with the kids at the township. They were so much fun; I think I will be going there every Friday to help out. There was one little girl in particular that just clung to me the moment I walked in. She was so sweet...what a great bunch of kids. I think I will also be helping out with a visual arts program on wednesdays...

On Monday I went to Table Mountain and Robben Island with my friends Kat and Jamie and Jamie's mom and her friend. What a wonderful day! We got up early and took a taxi to the base of the mountain where the cable car picked us up. The top of the mountain was incredible, but really really windy. I wasn't quite prepared and about froze my butt off up there, but the view was more that worth it. From the top of the mountain I could see just how vast Cape Town really is. The mountains in the distance and the beautiful ocean and city nestled just below. Stunning!!! After a little hike around the top of the mountain we headed into town for a walk around the waterfront and a nice lunch.

Around 1:00 we were picked up by a boat that took us to Robben Island. It was a great ride, fun to watch as Table Mountain slipped further and further away in the distance. The tour of Robben Island was quite humbling. It is amazing what the men in this prison went through and what they accomplished while in prison. Our tour of the prison itself was given by a man that had actually spent 11 years in prison. His stories of prison life were astonishing. We walked around the prison yard and the cells. I was able to see the cell where Nelson Mandela spent so many years, incredible. We were then given a tour of the rest of the island by a guy named Thabo; he did a great job of showing us around. His stories were fascinating. He told us of how the island was previously used as a leper colony, and showed us the leper graveyard and their church. He told us of the only man who escaped the island and how he did it by stealing a boat. He showed us the quarry where the prisoners worked from many hours in the hot sun. He told us how the prisoners taught each other and the prisoners made the prison into their own university. Many of the prisoners came in with little education and left with degrees. After the tour we were able to walk around and came across some very friendly penguins, they are so cute!!! And Curious!! The boat ride back was great, the skipper let me stand at the front of the boat, the wind and occasional splash of sea water in the face worked wonders for my sea sickness, I didn't feel a bit nauseated. We then enjoyed a great dinner and good company. What a wonderful day. I have to send out t big big THANK YOU to Jamie's mom Kathy and her friend Ann. They treated us the whole day, we were all very grateful and I hope they know how much we appreciated their generosity.

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