Jerry with the shovel again

It's beautiful again :-)

Not real deep yet, but it's getting there

Another view

A pair of House Finches at our feeder

We got a couple of inches of snow last night. Yippee! It has been a while since we had snow and we were ready. It is still snowing today and we are enjoying it much. Jerry has been busy using the snow shovel again. He said it's great exercise and he doesn't seem to mind it much. :-)

We are just chillin this week, taking it easy so there is not much to report. I do have some excellent news. We got a letter from MyTripJournal saying they have added us to the "Best" journals online. Here is a quote of the letter: "We recently reviewed your Trip Journal, ADVENTURES IN OUR AMERICAN DREAM. It exhibits qualities that make it one of the BEST journals on our site. We have accordingly included your journal in the 'Best of MyTripJournal' system!"

So far, we see it listed in the Pacific Northwest areas. Soon it will be in all the areas we have visited. We are very excited and appreciative. More later from Bend.

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