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Mt Olympus Museum

Mt Olympus Stadium

ARHS Race in the Stadium!

Impromptu group pic

Push Guys!

As we pull into the music school....

As the band was setting up the students were clamoring to get...

The performance

Greg's Solo

John's Solo

Today we got up early (again) and went to Mt. Olympus, the ancient site of the Olympic games. There was a museum with a tour of the ruins. The stadium was still mostly intact and you could make out what the building layout was as you walked through the ruins.
After that we made our way to the Music School where your kids were treated like rock stars. As the bus pulled up to this tiny school, the kids just poured out of the classrooms to greet the bus. They were SO EXCITED!!! As the band set up in this small room in the school, the kids were clamoring outside the windows and doors. They filled the small room to capacity and they were a wonderful audience. So warm and welcoming. The looks on our kids was quite a sight. They had no idea what to do with all of this attention. Anyway, they receivedenthusiasticiastic applause for every song - before and after the song. The Principal of the school spoke afterwards and said that the Jazz Band put their souls into the music and that is what he wanted his students to do. He wants his students to do more than play the notes on the paper. Then a student sang the State song of MA. So wonderful... It is hard to convey in writing.
Then afterwards we had lunch, but first we had to get the greek girls away from boys - especially Sam McGrail who seemed to be a greek girl magnet. It was like the Beatles came to Greece.
After lunch we were invited to visit the classrooms and listen to their students play. Then we were the enthusiastic audience. Then outpickuphere was a pickjup game of soccer - USA against the Music School. I think they won, but it such a nice sight. Then as we tried to leave the students mobbed out students. They were so curious about the Jazz Band. Some girls tried to get Jacob's phone number!
Then we sadly left, but the Jazz Band certainly had their 15 minutes of fame.
On our way hone we visited a church that was beautiful. I think this was the best day yet. It was special to see the students from both countries connect. This was ane experience they will never forget.

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