Rumsky Safari through Africa and Beyond 2008-2009 travel blog

Christopher poses in front of the home of the gods

Christopher now posing with Zues

View from our hotel room, fit for the gods


Our first stop was a small town called Litohoro, at the base of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece and alleged home of the Greek gods. Christopher had written a story in Latin class about Mount Olympus and we just had to see the peak in real life. It is a beautiful place, and Fran and I took a lovely hike through a national park nearby. The town of Litohoro is also very quaint and our room sported a view of the main square with a fountain that lit up in fancy colors at night. Christopher has an interest in Greek and Roman mythology and we all have been boning up on our knowledge of classical Greek literature; the pervasiveness of the myths throughout the culture is evident everywhere. When you know the stories, it certainly adds an extra dimension of interest to whatever you happen to be looking at.

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