Expo Center In Redmond

A lot to see and do

RVs, Boats and more


State record Rocky Mt. Elk


Mule deer display

Whitetail Deer

Even Moose

More exhibits

A cool bike

Trout fishing

The Outback Angler car

Getting set up to cook

Camp cooking schedule

The cooking begins

Salmon in foil

Exotic hunting booth

Unusual Yamaha

Jerry enjoyed this booth

Whale watching tours

Fish mounting

Fly casting pool

Willie from Willie's Salon

Last one!

Today we drove to Redmond, Oregon to attend the Central Oregon Sportsmen's Show. It will be at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond for the next few days. It is the only show of its kind in Central Oregon. We have never been to anything like it. They had RVs for sale plus everything you could possibly want for any sports you are interested in.

They had a casting pond with lessons on fly-fishing, plus a free kids' trout pond. The kids could keep the trout they caught or just let them go and fish for more. :-) They had seminar theaters and camp cooking.

We especially loved the camp cooking by Hobart Manns. He has been host of the Outback Angler Hour program for 20 years, which airs on NewsTalk 860 KPAM from Portland, Oregon. He showed us how to cook enough food for a huge camp in 20 minutes. The salmon recipe was so good, we got the recipe and plan to use it for the last of our Alaskan salmon in the freezer.

This may be the last post from Bend. We keep thinking we are leaving and the snow keeps covering the passes. We are not about to drive a 40 foot coach over high mountain passes in the snow, so we will just stay until they are clear and safe. The campground where we are staying has been awesome!! They are only charging us $20 for each additional day we have to stay until the snow clears. We highly recommend Crown Villa RV Resort to anyone visiting the Bend area.

I would also like to highly recommend my new friend, Willie, from Willie's Salon. She is located at 61249 Hwy 97, Suite A2, Bend, Oregon. I have absolutely loved having the same hairdresser for three months. All the ladies that are full-time in their RVs understand and will appreciate this tip much. :-)

We took a ton of pictures at the show to share with you. We hope you enjoy them. More later from Oregon.

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