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Okay okay oh boy here we go this is a good story one for the books one to be remembered and certainly one that i´m glad has coem to an end...

After a Cervaza at Casa Tun Tun in Coro at around 11pm at night I retire to bed awaiting a 5:30am wake up call and a very long day of travelling - the longest hardest day as Marcello our tour guide put it. I shower and crawl into bed, but have that wide awake feeling you know you get when you know you need your sleep. Then it started...

A little naeusea was first but I just brushed it off as being over tired. Then the fever started its was a million degrees in that room just ask Heather but I was having cold sweats and was shivering half the night, make that the majority of the night. Fevers are the worst you can´t sleep at all. I keept splashing cold water on my face but that didn´t seem to help too much at all. I kept thinking in the back of my mind that this was going to be alot more than a few cold sweats but was trying to fool myself into ¨you just need some sleep and all will be fine in the morning¨ha ha!!! Then in the midst of the night the first of a long chain of grossness occured. Yes yes the dreaded toilet visit, I canñ´t even bring myself to say it, for the memories flood back all too badly. Anyway I spent all night awake, shiving from the fever and visiting the toilet, mainly when the naeusea got too much and I needed a change of senerary to try and fall alseep, and that did not really happen...

beep beep beep... the alarm already oh boy here we go, first thing is first stop gastro - i bloody well hope these work!! I packed resting in between exhausted from no sleep and weak from the fever and sit in the hammock waiting for the others (did I meantion I buying a hammock when i get home).

Now backpack on my bag , which took enormous effort to lift, we walked a few blocks to find a taxi, but alas there were none and we had to walk further. The bag kept gettign heavier and heavier and the friendly neausea feeling was keeping me company. Finally a taxi let me in I need a seat.. To the bus station we go..

Arrival at the bus station and more bag carrying and moving and heaving and hauling to get it into the back of the bus. Okay yeah sittign now, feelings slightly better. The heat mixed with carrying bags and feeling like all your muscles have been drained and replaced with jello and then you have been beaten up and swolled a galloon of seawater that you need to vomit up - is not nice!!

The first part of the bus ride was okay I slept with the cool breeze on my face and it wasn´t too bad - I was neausious but I could deal with that. The bus stopped at a bus station and I got off to pee apparently the stop gastro was working YAY!!! On my return to the bus my seat had been pilfered (m%$·$/ f/%%&/) so I sat next to Marcello. It felt stuffier all of a sudden but I persisted to breath in and out and was doing okay. The bus was then pulled over my the military, it happens all the time, and they checked all our passports. They then proceeded to get us off the bus to check our bags, also happens all the time. PS i felt like rat sh!t. Standing does not help one when they feel like rat sh!t by the way, especially in the heat.

They went through every pocket in our bags every book page everything. All my neatly packed belongings that took me so long to pack and eventually close. Apparently they are looking for money so they can take it from you (becuase they think you are rich - of course). My bag was the last one to go through and of course they were trying to cause trouble and asking Marcello for me to tell them how much money I had on me. At this stage I was doubled over in pain as my neausea kicked up a notce I think its the heat and physically exercise that makes it harder. Later I was told I was picked on cos I looked weak, and here I was thinking it was just plain lucky - lol. Anyway Marello got me out of it with some clever spanish and we got back on the bus and YAY I still had all my money.

Okay back on the bus... Now I know when they describe the uncontrolable urge to vomit in books that I have never believed it and felt you can wait it needed. Well my mind has been changed on that factor as I felt my throat tighten up and I reached for the plastic bag I had been handed earlier in the day. It is uncontrolable and I felt so bad for the people around me on the bus as I I spued into the yellow plastic bag in my hands. But on the plus side I felt so much better after for a little while anyway. With nothing else to do but thrpow the plastic bag out the door of the bus with the million other plastic bags floating on the side of the road. Still on the bus I ask if there is another plastic bag just in case. eventuallyone is found and I stick it in the side of my bag.

Feeling better for a while and then again it comes spu number two, this tiem the bag is striped green. Oh ps plastic bags are really good for spuing into. Okay no more spuying for this leg we reach the bus station and i´m glad, though that was becuase I didn´t know what was to come.


Taxi ride.

This would have been awesome if I was well. We enter this beast of a car, white old old massive car that will take us across the boarder, sits two and the driver in the front and three in the back. The worst thing about this ride was the heat and of course my window was the only one in the car that did not wind down grrrrr. but Heather was kind enough to swap with me further up the road when we stopped for fruit, well they did I kinda hunched and kept quiet. With my window all the way down and head out the window i got a bit of sleep being woken by milatary stopping us for our passports and once getting us out of the car. It was okay when we drove and the wind was on my face. Then about 15 minutes formt he border i felt it. The gastro stop only had a certain shelf life int he body and it had expired, please let there be a toilet at the border. Well on the plus side there was one on the negative side it was locked and I had to go behind the building. OMG I don´t think anyone can imagine what happen behind that building nor woyld they want to know or attempt to imagine, but lets just say it was bad and leave it at that. Thank goodness I stole that toilet paper at the first hotel in Caracas!!

This stop made one end feel better but not the other I still felt sick as a dog. We paid our exit fee and went over to immigrationa dn exited Venezeula, then into Colombia immigration YAY we were in another country and the ordeal at immigration was not as bad as it could have been according to Marcello´s stories. Now we head over to get some Peso´s. Now i´m feeling really sick, in the heat dragging my bag, standing for periods of time. We are in teh money exchange place and I hand over my US dollars. Then I feel that feeling you know the uncontrollable one, lucky for the extra plastic bag we got at the bus station. Midway through my money exchange I rush outside with the plastic bag and once more. Now I know there is nothing left in my stomach as I´m heaving and heaving with not much result.

At this stage this was the worst I feel all day, except for the 5 minutes after teh spuy when i felt liek a new person. Back in the cab for another 20 minutes to bus station for last bus ride home. we get there i´m not well but I know this next bus is air conditioned and has a toliet so i´m looking for to it. Of coruse we have a 30 minute wait before the bus goes and we can not get on yet slumped in the gutter waiting for the bus seemed to go on forever. once on though it was pretty smooth sailing no more spuing lots of sleep and only one toliet break (ps I took another stop gastro after the incident behind the building).

now just another 45 minute cab ride and we are there, still sick in a cab winding road perrrrfect lol. But we did arrive and i did survive, it was the longest 14 hours of travelling I have had so far and by far the hardest travelling day. The next day I still felt like crap and things got worse that next night, but that´s for another entry.

Thus concludes my first experience travelling across boraders in South America - definately a day not to be forgotten very soon.

i´ll try an write more on Colombia soon Tayrona my friends Tayrona that´s all I can say. Until then...

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