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Okay this wll be short one as I was still feeeling terrible this day, relly bad stomach cramps. The highlight of santa marta was definatey the fruit selles on the street and peple selling coffee on the sreet, unfrtunately I was too sick to try anything which was annoying. When the cramping got so bad I decided I had to force myself to eat ven though I really didn´t feel like it, We entered the supermarket and I bought a loaf of bread and ham and ate inside the complex on a chair. An older lady sat next t me and ws lughing at me about eating it straight away, and it ws funny especially when she said something to me in spanish and i looked at her blankly with a ¨no hablas espanol. I found ign language coms in realy handy in thoe situatoins.

Anyway we also saw the pae where Simon Bolivr died and the port where theyeventually (after 8 years of being buried in Colombia) shipped his bodyback to Venezuela as he had requested in his will.

Santa Marta was okay but I think I was oo sik to really appreiate it. The bus ride there from Tangana was pretty cool though 1,000 peso, roughly 50 cents US got us there and this mini van type thing.

That night the cramps got worse and the trips to the toilet became more frequent. decide antibiodics was the way to go especially becuase I was really looking forward to the next couple of days. Santa Marta was just a day trip and we returned to Tanganga.

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