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Enter my favourite part of Colombia..

Fortunately for me the antibiodics is so freeking good and by about 10 or 11am I was feeling almost as good as new. And I needed to be for this day. We left the hostel at 6am to get to the start of the trail that would take us to wheere we would sleep that night.

So we get there, eat breakfast andstart the hike that lasted around 7 hours... thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk gooooddness I was feeling a lot better1!!!!!

The first part was pretty easy walking just that it was up hill and I felt weak i´m assuming from the lack of fluid in my body, and food. We had a really cool guide named >Carlos, very nice person. The first noteble thing we came across on our walk was a cow that had been tired up by its neck to a tree and it had obviously slipped and was slowly strangling itself. Carlos cut the rope away, and after a while the cow actually stood up. That was pretty cool and sad all at the same time. I´m still not sure why the cow ws left tired up in the first place. Later we heard the cow charged t some other travellers - lol glad that was not us...

A we wlked further and further we came across an indigenous community living in the national park. This was realy cool, we saw ruins of where huts had been and gates had been, we also saw huts being lived in and persons of the community in traditional dress, including a little boy who walked up from the river. It was very surreal and very cool. They aso had some wrist bands they mad, which I just had to buy.It was like walking into another world, but definately one that I liked the look of. Simplictic.

We journed on and here enters the fun part. After the community we started heading down. But not down a nice little path like he one we climbed, it was rocky and slippery as it rain for a bit while we were at the community. In some places it was quite scary as there was one or two rocks (slippery ones) surrounded by a masive chasm on each side and sometimes int he middle. One small slip could land you pretty much screwed as even if you were lucky and jus broke you legs, it was in the middle of no where and it would be terrible. It was so much fun. For anyone that likes getting dirty slidding on your butt down rocks, walking across logs and jumping from rock to ock across water - you would love this. I defintely did. From tree trunk to tree trunk it was an awesome bush walking experience.

oNCe WE arrived, it was so worth it,I was dirty, sweaty, tried and so hungry i could eat... well lots and lots. The walk was worth it as well. We sleept that night in hamics about 50 metres from the beach. The baches were stunning and the views amazing. If it wasn´t as windy as it was we would have slept on the hill over the water. Its hard to describe how cool this pzlace was, but I do have photo´s once I figure out how to put them up. The restuarant was 45 metres from the beach and the food was good, though at that stage my left arm would have been tasty (not the right I need my right arm).

Oh I almost forgot they also had a kick arse football pitch that was even marked out and had corner flags it was smallre and I really wished someone was playing on it, but alas not, I reawlly wanted to play and it drummed home how much I miss playng soccer. Colombia unlike Venezueala has much more football fields wich was nice to see.

Anyways it was such an amazng place to be and I wished again I cooooould stay longer, but i was time to move on and we went the easy way back th next day, a 2 hour flat walk out of the jungle. But I did get to see monkeys :) that was wicked.. Again it seems I feel alot happier in nature surronded by green, animals and fresh air.

We then went back to the hotel and prepard for the next day of travelling...

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