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So, my weekend was pretty great. Saturday morning I went on a wine tour with Wine Soc to a couple of great wineries. The countryside was beautiful! I enjoyed several great wines (loved the chardonnay) and learned quite a bit about the process of wine making.

On Saturday night I went to a little hole in the wall in Obz called the armchair theater and enjoyed a phenomenal band called Blk Sonshine. They were amazing, I strongly recommend checking them out. When I first arrived in Cape Town a friend gave me their CD and that was pretty much all I listened to for the first two months of my stay here. As a result, to me Blk Sonshine is Cape Town, so it was pretty great to see them live. After the concert I headed with my friend Mpho to 'the Top Spot' for a night of dancing. I was having a great time though I became quite aware that I was the only white person in the whole venue. I never thought that I would even notice that sort of thing...but I did. And while I didn't feel threatened, in fact I felt quite welcomed I was very aware that I stuck out like a sore thumb. I had a great time and met some really wonderful people.

Sunday I went to Kirstenbosch Gardens where Freshly Ground was playing. The music was great and I enjoyed a nice picnic and wine on the grass with some friends. It was nice to get to finally hear Freshly Ground...they are a band made up of all UCT students and have really gotten popular in the last year.

So, I had quite a musical weekend it was really nice after a very stressful week.

Yesterday my zoology class had an excursion to a stream where we did some data collection and analysis. We did a physical survey of the river and collected and identified specimens from the river. We are looking at the effect of the trout farm on the naturally flowing stream.

I am planning a road trip with several other students. We are planning on completely circling the country of South Africa hitting many game reserves on the way. I will put up my itinerary when it gets a bit more finalized.

Cheers, Sara

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