Kindy Does South America 2008/2009 travel blog

Crossing the Rio Magdalena on a make-shift car ferry

Tito's truck, the "ferry" and the Rio Magdalena

Tamara takes shelter from the heat against the Casa Amarilla

Our hostal: La Casa Amarilla (highly recommended)

Well we managed to get a bit of sleep and then woke up just in time to pack up, kiss Cartagena goodbye and pile into our new friend Tito's 4X4 truck. We had hired Tito to take us to Mompos instead of having to brave hours on a bus/boat/mototaxi. We had lovely AC and plenty of room and all took turns napping through the scenery as it changed from desert-like coastal to cattle-filled plains and steamy jungle and backwater rivers. It was a good 6 hours and the sun was just setting as we arrived at the Casa Amarilla, run by a friendly, young Brit who had helped us get in touch with Tito. We checked into our dorm which was lovely though simple and took a few pictures before heading off for a really cheap meal in the steamy hotness that is Mompos.

We paid about $3 a piece for Costenita beers and a giant cutting board of grilled meat, onions and veggies. Very lovely though a few of those pieces were very very chewy. Still ready for some dessert, we wandered through the streets a bit more and stumbled upon the famous crepe places where we sat in the back patio and enjoyed ice cream treats. We decided to take it easy and headed down to the riverfront which was dotted with tiny bars, blasting music and plastic tables and chairs for a few 60 cents beers. We moved further away from the initial beer garden since no tables were available and found a tiny little bar with a friendly afro-Momposina quick to serve us beers and offer up our choice of music. We were enjoying ourselves for only a short time when we realized we had a made a mistake in choosing this establishment. A ridiculous drunk, 40-something Colombian had decided to leave his table where he was previously in a comatose state drinking beer after 17 beer, and decided he could sit at our table and insist on bringing us beers. He was moaning on, burnt Tamara with his cigarette and overall ruining our time. We kept refusing the beers but then more came and more guys were offering us more beers. We took the opportunity to leave our full beers when the drunk moron stumbled off into the bushes to pee. Ta-ta and we would never be back.

we crawled into our dorm beds with the roof-fan on full blast. Despite the 40 degree weather, a rain storm and our sleepy bodies eventually combined to make the air cool enough to sleep and even to slip under our thin sheets.

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