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Well we headed out early this morning to catch our final glimpses of Mompos and take our pictures. We had a quick lunch at Dely Bross one last time and then hopped aboard our sweaty, yucky van to Taganga. This was NOT Tito-style. We were seated in the back which some grouchy old couple backing their seats into our legs, while the AC was pittifully low so we continued to sweat like dogs. The spare driver kept putting the AC vents towards him until we had to ask him twice to NOT do that and point them in a straight direction so that everyone, including us, could keep cool. The road was long and bumping and unpleasant and the driving team pulled over at one random stop and got out to have lunch without telling anyone. I knew this type of scenario so we got off and had a quick lunch as well before popping back in.

Eventually we made it to our lovely hotel in Taganga, la Casa Francesa Divanga, the LAST people of the whole trip to get dropped off. SIGH OF RELIEF. The friendly French owner greeted us happily from her lounge chair next to the pool. We dropped our things off in our nice private room on the second floor overlooking the pool, got into our bathing suits, and hopped into the pool for some refreshment. We ordered some drinks and had a super amazing meal at the hotel's restaurant- mmmm, pepper steak! By 10 pm, a power outage left the entire town in the dark. We put on our head lamps and headed to bed though it was mightly hard to sleep without any fans working. I slept next to the open window to try and catch a breeze every once in a while but managed to get bitten by tons of mosquitos in the process. Around 4 am the power was back on and we could enjoy real sleep with the help of our fans.

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