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Clean up Geocacher 2009

Well, I have no pictures this time because the camera has been MIA. As we began to look at a new carmera we were hoping that it would turn up.......luckly it did. After logging the lose with the RCMP, it was under the seat of the truck (not when I looked!!)

Our hosts Marg and Ralph left for Great Falls for service on their 5th wheel. Dale did some work on their garage door, some wireing for the son of Marg. here on the farm. He also watered and fed the critters ( 2 dogs and 4 cats ). I on the other hand did geocaching!!! It is great to get out and wonder in the bush and woods and trails looking for hidden treasures. This week we had dinner with 2 more couples who have been following us on our blog. I babysat Sarah (Todd and Kritals little one) I hardly saw her, she had a little lunch then to bed for a nap. I wasn't feeling good so I had a nap too. She woke up just a Kristal was coming in the door.

Bruce and the grand-boys were here for pizza and to experience the ways of the farm. The kids loved the cats and didn't like the smells. They had a lot of questions about the working of the farm and the equipment.

Yesterday was a clean up campaign for geocacher at a river park in Edmonotn. I thought being outside would make me feel better. It did but was I tired when it was all done. I met some of the people who have signed the logges in the caches that I have found. We had a pot-luck and gaave out some prizes. I got a fleece vest and some good ideas for geocaching.

The rest of the week I spend laying around with a sore throat, sniffy nose and a head ache. Now Dale has "IT" so nothing is happening around here for a while.

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