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After a short foray into Canada we are back in the US. Crossing the border back to US was interesting. We were discovered with contraband and had 2 Navel Oranges confiscated.

Camping on the edge of Lake Ontario was beautiful. We sat at the lake reading and writing and took hikes through the woods. The woodland flowers and all the budding trees and shrubs continue to surprise us. The colors are so diverse.

There is a fishing derby going and we appear to be the only non-fishers in the park. Reports are that the fishing isn't so great and the $10,000 prize might go to a smaller King Salmon than usual. Then the rain this morning was even more discouraging for them.

We decided to use the light rain for driving and headed east along the Lake Ontario coast. This area has an abundance of fruit trees, grape vines, and truck farms. Many of the trees were in bloom giving off the sweet smell of future apples and pears. And oh, the smell of future wine.

We found WiFi in the library of a small town called Batavia. After wandering around abit we plan to head further south to the Grand Canyon of the East.

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