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Son, Todd with neighbour (L), grandsons Logan and Avery (R) 1st. Geocaching

This is a "nano" cache they found (the size of your finger...

This is the end of a wonderful day and a fun week. We have been searching for a house, condo or townhouse while the market prices are relatively low. We are not sure what we want and if we want to live in it when we return after our adventures. Our realtor sent numerous suggestions with the parameters we gave him. The price, the location and the size. Each morning when we opened our computer there were several possible selections. Dale and I made our choices for those selections, eliminated some and then drove to our choices and looked at them from the outside. Crossed off most and 1 or 2 we did like and by the time the realtor checked them out, they were sold! We changed our mind on the location and the type of house and started the search again doing "our eliminating" method. When we didn't know exactly what we wanted and if we really wanted anything..... we decided to keep our $$ in investments and not have any responsibilities. So quite looking.

We have had numersous appointment for teeth with Dale having an extraction and another (maybe) to be taken out and I to have a set brand new "chompers"!!! and that will take several weeks yet(if i'm lucky). The total physicals for both of us for the year which took several trips to the lab and clincs. I think we are done now with the lab!! More dentist to come with week.

More people entering the Geocaching circle. On Mother's Day I took Todd and the 2 grandchild out on their first treasure hunt (geocaching) and they loved it!! Ya.......I hope they do it with the family during the summer. I have found 131 sites and my girl friends are eager to search out more treasures so they can take their grandchildren on the outdoor adventures and look for hidden locations with trinkets to trade.

My new Saturn Vue 2006 also had physical and is now in tip-top shape and almost ready with a new tow package so we can tow it behind the motor home. The truck is for sale much to Dale dissapointment, it was his favorite "guy toy".

Today was the baptism of grandson Marshall Saunders with lunch back his place with rest of the families. Everyone was very cordial. Marshall brother Kaine made up a memorial service for his dog Hunter who died a few weeks earlier. So it was a happy and sad time,

but it was nice to visit with all the family.

Next week we are heading up to McMurray with the motor home to visit the crew and staff of Syncrude Aviation Department. We hope to say hi to a few friends that still there. Then to have a look around the city and see what has changed.

We are still on the farm and it's s busy place with equipment is the fields every morning until dusk getting the seed and fertilizers in the ground. Boy a farmer hard workers!!! It certainly take a large amount of equipment and dollars to run a farm. Our host is in the fields all day and the hostess is running in and out of town and out to the field many tme a day. Busy.....busy!!!

I finally finshed the stained glass panel that I partly completed in Texas and tomorrow we deliver it. I hope they like it!

Leave us a note or a message to say you have been to our site or just to say HI!! We get 3-8 to visits a day on this site, so thanks for checking up on us. We are loving this life and can't wait to see what around the corner!!

PS found my camera last week but "misplaced" it this week so no pictures. Found it!!

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