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Our view out the front window.

Tom's working on the bikes. We're cleaning out the basement today and...

Carpenters gave us a coconut to split a long time ago but...

The axe is in there pretty good now just to hit the...

He says "I'm going to get this thing one way or another!"

One more look at the view.

Saturday, May 9, 2009. Thunderbird Thousand Trails, Monroe, Washington Work Day for Alaska We decided to take today to focus on getting things done on the RV that needed to be done before we started the trek toward Alaska because we weren't sure when we would get another chance. We cleaned the basement of the RV out. I worked on the inside on cleaning out cabinets and packing things a little tighter to get ready for the bumpy ride they say the Al-Can can be at times. Tom and Jonathan worked on getting the bikes cleaned up and the Yukon cleaned out well. We started a list of things we needed to pick up yet. We basically finished the day feeling like we got a lot accomplished.

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