The drive to LA was much easier this time :-)

Getting close to the airport

Trying to find a cool place to park with Ollie in the...

Jerry's plane landing, the huge C17 in the back of the picture

View from a distance - we were allowed to board after they...

View from the cart taking us to the plane

Almost exciting!!

It was so cool to get on the plane

Look at the size of the cargo section

Jerry Jr. with his very proud Mom :-)

Jerry Sr. with the nice people from the airport, they treated us...

Jerry Jr. in his "office" with his fellow pilot Scott

Jerry Sr. checking it out too :-)

Jerry Jr. with his proud Dad

Time to leave, I had to choke back the tears, but was...

Jerry Jr. doing his pre-flight check before departure.

Back on the road heading home, we saw this cool car :-)

A cool 1938 truck

Back home, our campsite Santee Lakes

Last one, look at the size of our patio area

We have had one of the most exciting Memorial weekends ever. We got a call from our son, saying he would be flying into the Los Angeles area today in his C17. He was not sure if he would be allowed to exit the plane at first, but found out he could get off for at least a short time. We have not seen him since we left Florida 15 months ago and we were very excited to see him, even if it was only for one hug. :-) We got to spend about an hour with him and it was wonderful.

When we first arrived at the special section of the airport, we were driving around trying to find a cool place to park. We had Ollie in his bed in the back of the car, as usual. We had a man from security come out and ask us a lot of questions. Once he found out we were there to see our son and that he was a pilot with the Air Force, we were treated like royalty. I could get spoiled fast with that kind of treatment. :-) We were taken into the kitchen and served coffee and invited to spend time in the TV room while we waited for Jerry Jr. to arrive.

We had a huge glass window where we sat and watched the planes landing. Jerry had called us and let us know the time of arrival, so I was ready with my camera. I got one shot of the landing and was told not to take any more pictures. Yikes! That is like taking candy from a baby when you take my camera. :-) They did assure me I would be allowed to take pictures later, so I felt better. They let Jerry off the plane as soon as they landed and he was allowed to visit with us in the kitchen and have coffee etc. Once they unloaded the cargo section of the plane, we were allowed to ride out on a cart and see the inside of the plane. It was incredible!! You could park 4 huge busses or RV's inside.

I can't tell you how excited we were, I will let the pictures tell you the rest of the story. What a great way to celebrate this awesome weekend. We are so proud of our son and all the wonderful men and women who serve this great country. God bless you all and God bless the wonderful USA.

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