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Hello all!!!

As I write this we are experiencing an amazing thunder and lightning's a shame, we were planning on going to Kirstenbasch gardens to see the Soweto string quartet and Plush play. The thunder and lightning is fun though, and Cape Town could really do with a good rain.

It has been an amazing much is always going on around here; it is hard to keep up! Friday night I went to 'The Vibe' a club in town where a 12 piece afro-Cuban band was playing. It was a night filled with great music and salsa's a shame I have two left feet, but I put forth my best effort!

Saturday I went to a Nordhoek beach (there was a shark attack there last week) with my friend Chris, what an amazing beach!!! The sand is so soft under your feet it is like walking through talcum powder. I had a great time and as per normal ended up jumping in the water and had to ride home soaking wet...I don't think I will ever learn. I may never get all of the sand out of my hair. After a wonderful day at the beach I went to the Rugby game at Newlands stadium. There were about 25 in our group and we got seats right on the field, I could have joined the scrum! The stadium was packed, it was so much fun!!! What a violent sport though, the guys are enormous and they have no qualms about pile driving one another into the ground. Hectic.

This morning I was planning on going for a hike up Table Mountain with a bunch of friends from zoology. Unfortunately the mountain disappeared. When I woke up and looked out the window I couldn't find the mountain, it was completely covered in fog! This is the third time my hike up the mountain has been canceled; I am beginning to wonder if I will ever climb the rock. On the bright side... I got a lot of reading done today.

Looks like we are going to brave the rain, the concert is on!!! ~~More on this later!

The concert was amazing! We got completely soaked on the way there, but it was so worth it!!!! We arrived at Kirstenbosch and they were unsure if they were going to play, we went in and they had people sitting on the stage and played with everyone crowded around. It was a more intimate concert this way. Everyone who showed up really wanted to be there and everywhere you looked people were grinning and dancing. The music was fantastic. I could have reached out and touched the performers I was so close to them, it was almost as if we got our own private concert.

We are still having quite an intense thunder storm; no more than 10 seconds go by without the sky lighting up, there is something breathtaking about a good storm. Between the smell of the rain, the beautiful flashing lightning illuminating the sky and feeling the thunder crash in your chest...I love it.

How is everyone?? It has been a while since I have heard from anyone. I hope you are all well. If you have any questions or suggestions about the site or anything else let me know!

Cheers from Africa!

Regards, Sara

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