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Anne, Tom, Cheech having a delightful dinner.

Phyllis getting ready to dig in.

Phyllis, Cheech, and Tom.

Anne taking notes, Tom and Phyllis

Anne taking more notes.

The house where she lives in Vermont. They also live have the...

Marilyn, Anne, and Phyllis standing in front of Anne's lovely garden.

Anne and Phyllis

Marilyn and Anne in front of the garden.

Another picture of Marilyn and Anne.

This was a dragon standing in front of the closed ferry docks....

The ferry ticket booth in Vermont lining up the vehicles for the...

Waiting our turn at the docks.

The ferry coming from the other side. When unloaded we then get...

Looking back at the loading platform leaving Vermont.

Crossing Lake Champlain.

Cranberry Lake and our camping site.

See we are plugged into the bathroom

One of the roads from around our camp site leading to the...

A subtle anger from the waters moving to the shores.

It's just beautiful capturing the emotions I see from the pictures we...

More paths throughout the campground.

We live with the following signs of many of the animals that...

Although we haven't seen this one, I've been told them come out...




The many signs we followed to get to Cranberry Lake

Aye, aye captain and a mighty fine captain he was.

Lake Chaplain.

A restaurant in New York coming off the ferry.

Phyllis caught on camera.









We have some pictures of our host family, Anne and Cheech. We stayed with them Sunday June 6th. They invited us for dinner and an overnight stay. I hope you enjoy the pictures at her home. We talked about this friend in our last journal entry.

We left for the Adirondacks in New York. We had reservations for Cranberry Lake which was just awesome, but very primitive. No water of your own and no electricity. Because we all use the c-pap machine the manager of Cranberry Lake allowed us to plug into the bathroom outlet. You will see one of the pictures that has the camper and the bathroom is right behind us. There is no cell service in the area. It rained and rained. Temperature around 40 degrees. Gas running about $2.68 a gallon.

The Adirondacks was home to the 1980 winter Olympics. I finally found out where Lake Placid was, duh. There is still equipment and signs of the events. Marilyn and I kept a lookout for snakes (black garden snake non-poison) and bears. We were assured the bears were more scared of us than us of them. Cranberry Lake is the only area where there are camping sites. The lake water has a lifeguard and the sandy beach is relaxing and welcoming. There are other lakes in the Adirondacks like, Saranac Lake and Star Lake but Cranberry Lake is where it's at or so I am told. The signs (as seen in the pictures) were found throughout the Adirondacks giving indication as to the kind of animals we would run into.

On our way to New York on June 10, 2009 we had to cross the ferry from Vermont to Essex, New York. We crossed Lake Champlain and it was just great. Boats everywhere. It was also very cold. It stays cold up here in the north. Sweatshirts and jackets were the order of the day.

Enjoy the pictures.

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