Reagan's On Tour to Alaska 2009 travel blog

Some beautiful flowers around the RV park

Michael washing the motorhome

Dirty motorhome

Dirty motorhome

Clean motorhome

Taking the water ferry across the Russian River

Kevin out in the Russian River fishing for salmon

The boys combat fishing

Having fun fishing

The boys combat fishing

Kevin getting a nibble


Kevin taking a break

Cameron and Kevin taking a break (82 degrees - HOT!)

The ferry

Cameron laying on a piece of wood work

Cameron's boo boo's

Cameron with a very sore nose

We got up early today and washing the motorhome - first time since leaving home, 50 days ago. Then we decided to try fishing at the Kenai River again.

We took a water ferry across the Russian River to the fishing bank. There was still some people combat fishing even through the first run is over. We all had a great time.

After dinner the boys went over to a campfire to toast marshmellows, were they met some other kids. The kids were sword fighting and Cameron decided to join in. . .well, let's just say the other kid had more experience. Cameron got it in the face.

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