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Cleanup time

At the amusement park

Eric liked the pumpkin

The train was fun too

This goat knows where the food comes from

Uncle Kevin's bike

Potatoes warming on the fire

One of many fires

We checked out one of the canoe showrooms one day

Tuesday 7/14/09

Well it was 54 in the MH when we got up this morning but we all bundled up and got outside around the fire right away. Elizabeth had breakfast started, Bacon, hash browns, toast and cheese omelets, a very good breakfast. After a little talking around the fire we all went our own ways. Art, Kevin and I went to town to the store for some food, and to look at kayaks and canoes. We went out the back road and picked up some more firewood also. Bonnie and the girls went shopping, and Eric and Elizabeth went to Inlet to check out the stores there. So we came back to camp and the girls were fishing with Bonnie and we snacked on cookies and donuts and coffee. Then everyone showed up and we just relaxed around the fire and read the papers. It has been a cool almost cold day with very little sun. But that did not stop the girls from swimming and they are gone now with Eric and Liz to try their hand at fishing. Then it will be dinner time. Tonight is ribs and salt potatoes and salad. Its generator time now 4-7 and I am charging camera and computer batteries but that should be done soon and I am heading back to the fire. Dinner was great and we finished early. Everyone huddled around the fire and then the kids and Bonnie went to the MH to play some Yahtzee. We men talked around the fire and around 11 everyone was ready for bed. Another perfect night for a good nights rest.

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