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The sun is rising in Palmer.

Sarah hugs one of the parents of a soldier.

Sarah shakes hands with a parent of a soldier who is serving...

She autographs one of her books.

Sarahs is recognizing someone in Miss Alaska's family who is serving overseas.

This little girls is talking with soon to be governor Sean Parnell...

Sarah Palin seemed very down to earth with people as she greeted...

The podium says Wasilla was founded in 1917. The truck is a...

Widing up the ceremonies, Sarah and the other guests are seated along...

The different branches of the military are represented at the ceremonies.

Sarah Palin as she's leaving the event.

We walked around a little bit afterwards and looked at some of...


I think this one was my favorite because it reminds me of...

This one was interesting.

Jonathan liked the flames painted on this one.

Friday, July 24, 2009.

Big Bear RV Park, Palmer, Alaska

Sarah Palin Recognizes Those Serving in the Armed Forces

We had a neighbor stop by for a little while this afternoon to ask about the satellite dish then we headed out to see Sarah Palin who was recognizing all those who were serving in the armed forces before she left office this weekend. She would be in Wasilla tonight and would be appearing in Anchorage and Fairbanks before the weekend was out and the new governor was sworn in so we decided to go see her.

We arrived a little late but from what we understand she didn't address the crowd. People who had a loved one in the armed forces would come up to the microphone, tell who it was in their family that was serving, what their military branch and rank was and where they were serving then Sarah Palin would shake their hand or give them a hug. The lieutenant governor, Sean Parnell, was present too.

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