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Rugby Fans

Newlands Stadium

The great climb

On top of the world

Monkey stone

Sundew- the carnivorous flower

I made it to the highest point on Table Mountain

A nice pond formed from the recent rains

Where our hike down the mountain began

Well, the weekend is over and I have to come back to reality and attempt to get some work done. There are so many projects to be written up!!!

This weekend was pretty great, Friday night I was a bit of a homebody. Didn't feel like doing much of anything so after wine soc (the shiraz was great) I rented a couple of movies (it's about 80 American cents to rent a movie here) and had some friends over.

Saturday morning I got up and finally called my parents, it was great to hear their voices. Seems like forever since I last talked to them! Then I went to Capoiera and came home to watch my friend Mpho play rugby on TV...he did a fine job of running over the other team...looks painful. We went to watch the Stormers play at Newlands stadium Saturday night (they played a pathetic game...Giesla was practically in tears). Then we headed into town (after running out of gas and cramming 7 people into the back of Braam's Baakie) to the Zimbabwe societies party at Sutra. It was a great night of dancing and I met some great people and got kidnapped by a couple of Zimbabwean girls who thought it was great fun to steal a foreigner. They were so much fun, haven't laughed that much in a while.

Sunday morning my friend Chris fetched me and I finally climbed the rock!!! What a hike. It is hard to put into words how beautiful the view is from the top of the mountain and pictures don't really do it justice. We couldn't have asked for better weather, it was a perfect day! I stood on the highest point on the mountain and could see 365 degrees around, the view was stunning. After the hike (I was completely exahusted)Chris's parents picked us up and we had a great dinner at their place while we worked on one of the many projects for our EGS class. Chris's parents are so great; it is nice to have a family to take me in...golden retrievers and all!

Sorry if this seems kind of rushed and like a list... I don't have much time to write, the workload is catching up to me!

Take care!

Cheers, Sara

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