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I will backtrack a bit to tell you about our time in Vermont. Twelve years ago we had camped and hiked in the Green Mountains and were very excited to return to the area. While driving along on the highway we heard a gradually loudening thump. Suddenly an old memory rose up--That was the sound of a tire going bad. But it couldn't be, the tires were 3 1/2 years old and they are expected to last at least 5 years. Then you change them whether they look like they need it or not. We stopped, only to discover that one of the front tires was developing quite the bulge, 6 inches long and about 1/2 inch high. The experience of having the tire unravel and the rubber fly off was one we did not want to repeat, so we drove slowly to the nearest campgrounds. After a few inquiries, a station was located, tires ordered, and they would arrive the next morning. Problem solved, so we settled in for the day. Ironically the campgrounds was owned by a couple, Greg and Jeanne, who were originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin. And an even greater coincidence, Greg's parents were visiting from the Green Bay area. While talking to Greg's father we discovered that he taught at Franklin Jr. High and had taught some of the same students I had taught at St. Judes. He would remember a name and I would begin to fill in details or descriptions. What a small world. When morning came off to the village we headed very slowly. We planned to check out the village, find WiFi, have some coffee and call the shop after 10, the arrival time for the tires. To our dismay, the delivery truck broke down, but the tires would be delivered by 2:00 by another truck. So we enjoyed the Connecticut River, wandered about the other three places in the village, took a nap in the repair shop lot and yes, the tires arrived. After mounting the tires, Louie( we were on a first name basis with the shop owner by this time) discovered his machine was not large enough to balance the tires. No problem, he made arrangements for us to go to a shop about a mile away. So we paid up and headed off to the next shop. That shop had WiFi, but they also did not have a machine large enough to balance the tires. So off we went to White River Junction about 17 miles away and there found the shop that handled larger tires. Two of the friendliest guys got our tires all balanced. On Friday at 4:30 PM we had new balanced tires on the front of Tortuga and we were again happy campers.

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