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Elizabeth close to the edge of Livingstone Island

Under the rainbow

The falls from Livingstone Island

Close to the edge!

Memorial on Livingstone Island presented by Livingstone's grandson

More water!

Somewhere, under the rainbow!

Elizabeth by a big tree!

Glorious sunset

Trying not to look drunk

Amazing sky

At the falls at the Lunar rainbow

The Tin Can Kids

The Tin Can Kids

The Tin Can Kids

The Tin Can Kids

Devil's Cataract from the Zimbabwe side

Us at the falls

Great view of the falls from Zim

Outside the Zim falls entrance

Outside the Zim falls entrance

In no-mans land - we'd left Zim and not yet entered Zambia!

Thursday August 6

Back in Zambia, Sue was heading down to the falls in the evening to see the Lunar rainbow - a rainbow created by the light of the moon and completely colourless unlike a normal rainbow.

We headed down there, with wine and despite the cloud cover, the moon shone through enough to not only provide enough light to see the falls but just enough to show the lunar rainbow too. Lovely.

Friday August 7

On the Friday, we had a quiet morning, making a trip to the Livingstone Museum and to the post office to post our postcards.

Around mid-afternoon, Sue picked us up and we headed to the border to cross over the bridge into Zimbabwe - our fourth country in under 2 weeks! In Zimbabwe, we met some of Sue's friends and met up at a bar called Shoestrings. While we were there, we saw a group of kids called the Tin Can Kids, a group of street kids who played music on tin cans and things they had found. The man who had found them thought they were amazing but wanted to help them get educated so he got them to perform to raise money to pay thir school fees and provide them with equipment. The kids were great and loved what they were doing.

Afterwards, we went for dinner at a traditional African restaurant called The Boma, literally meaning "a place of eating"! There, we were given a piece of African material to dress ourselves in, had our faces painted (badly) and had our fortunes told. It was all a bit cheesy and touristy but was great fun. For dinner, I had smoked crocodile, warthog, boerwurst and guinea fowl - all of the food was great.

After dinner, Sue made me eat a worm. A huge great bloody thing! It was a Mopani worm and while the taste was not too bad, the texture was interesting - crunchy on the outside and squidgy on the inside!

We stayed at the bar called Shoestrings that night and when we got back there after dinner, the bar was packed and the locals were out in full force. We sat and chatted and drank for a few hours until we were cold and tired enough to need a good sleep!

Saturday August 8

On the Saturday, we awoke and headed down to the Victoria Falls Hotel - a posh hotel overlooking the Zim side of the Victoria Falls. The hotel was very extravagent and looked out of place alongside the rest of the town. From there, we walked down to the falls and entered from that side, ignoring the hassles of the crafts salesman and guides all trying to annoy you with the hard sell!

With the previous inflation issues in Zimbabwe, the bank notes ran into billions and trillions of dollars and there were plenty of locals trying to sell them to tourists. I have to admit, I did "buy" a couple as souvenirs!

The falls itself were great the Zimbabwean side as well although the spray there was bigger than the Zambian side and restricted some of the viewing.

After that, we walked back over the bridge and back into Zambia and back to Fez Bar for lunch before meeting Sue later for the rugby between Australia and South Africa.

For dinner, we took Sue out for a lovely curry at the Ngolide Lodge, something both of us had been craving all week!

Sunday August 9

Our last full day in Livingstone and we headed to Livingstone Island - the island where David Livingstone stopped in the river and first saw the falls. Our boat took us to the island and our guides led us right to the edge - RIGHT to the edge! The view was amazing and the rainbows looked so bright and picturesque, with the background being the viewing areas we'd stood yesterday in Zimbabwe! Our guide was great, snapping loads of pictures of both of us and almost dangling us right over the edge.

Sue had lent us her car for the day too, so on the way back, we took a few detours and visited a few different places.

In the evening, we went on a final sunset booze cruise and this time we got stuck into the beer and vodka and by the time the sun went down, we were well on our way. By 8pm, Elizabeth was in bed at Sue's house and I was on my way back with pizza! It was a fun night but I was hoping we wouldn't have to fly tomorrow with hangovers!

Monday August 10 and Tuesday August 11

After getting back to the hostel from Sue's, I got packed up while Elizabeth slept and we got ready to leave. Sue dropped us at the airport and we took the first of our three flights, from Livingstone to Jo'burg before flying overnight to Paris and onto London (with the almost obligatory delay - a 40 minute flight that leaves 90 minutes late!)

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