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Hello Friends!!

I thought that I was finally going to have a weekend with no adventures to share...fortunately my plans changed. I went on the most wonderful hike/rock climb up Lions head last night. It is defiantly on the top of my favorite hikes list. We started up the mountain at about a quarter to five in the evening and made it to the top just in time to watch the sun sink into the ocean. The view was breath taking. As the sky began to darken a full moon appeared and the lights from the city began to was truly stunning. We hiked back down the mountain by the light of the moon. There were quite a few people in our group and I was able to climb ahead and get away by myself for a bit. I found a nice rock to sit on and was able to just take it all in, no one but me and the twinkling was nice to be have some time to just think, helps me to slow down and put things into perspective. It was such a wonderful evening.

So...that was a nice surprise. I started the day with no expectations and wound up being blown away by this amazing city I am living in. I couldn't be more contented.

Cheers, Sara

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