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Parked at the 'Concrete Jungle'-Redwood City, California

Ok then, as you read this, you will realize that it’s not a 'destination' entry, we haven’t gone anywhere on a trip in a few days I guess, but we wanted to let you all know with just a few weeks left on this Stanford assignment, it’s time to be looking for another contract in a different State, to start off with, Seattle,Washington is open, but.. not only would Donna freeze, so will the water hose that connects to the 5th wheel and of course, the water lines would freeze up, I would have to go to LOWES, purchase a blow torch to un-thaw the lines, may catch the trailer on fire, have to risk my life to save my computer and movie collection (assuming I have already saved Donna of course), the Nurses uniforms, the remaining TEXAS BRISKET in the freezer, plouts in the frig, my wallet, ohhh her purse... Washington State obviously is not the best place during the winter months….and you say what? Duh !

I’m sure a position could be found in Phoenix Az, West Texas, South Texas (very south, I might add, like Laredo), thinking about all these different locations, Donna and I have to determine what the pay is for housing, the hourly rate and most important the space available at a RV park that we know has a influx of ‘snow birds’ arriving for the mild winter climates, the cost of the space rent would be much higher then what it would normally be, also there is the safety factor we must think of. I had been thinking about the months to come, expressed to Donna that I would like to be closer to Kentucky to have lunch with kids and the Grandbaby, be able to make a drive to Eastern Kentucky to see her family and as you know, family in Texas must be having withdraws from seeing our smiling faces….

Weeks ago, Stanford did ask Donna if she was willing to extend, it’s has been difficult to make a decision to stay or go, not knowing what else may be available for us, in what State, and what are the gains or losses for a different location, and I might add, MY need to know what we are doing often comes with frustration the closer we get to the ‘end of contract’ decision making, secretly, I think Donna feels about the same way! We have made the decision, we are staying right here, several reasons why, the weather is wonderful, the city has all that we need, the ‘cement jungle’ is livable I guess, once we are in the RV, we tend to forget where we are parked. Most important, I know Donna really enjoys working with these ‘new Doctors’, they want to learn so much and she wants to teach as much as she can, while she can, she has that desire to make a difference, for those who know her, that occurs everywhere we go, she needs to do her very best, be her very best. What was a Oct 11th exit date is now a mid January date, and depending on SNOW issues in the mountains in January, we may have to stay longer then mid January. The staff expressed their pleasure with the news that Donna will have another three months here, they went a bit further and ask her if she would be a permanent employee. as I gave her that “I love you look, but, you did say NO, nada, never, not going to happen, no way..didn't you??" H - E - L - L - O ???

----> Thanks Heather, (American Mobile) for your continued support of Donna, agents like you, makes this a enjoyable experience!

----> Thank you Vicky Boling for joining us on this journey and sending those little notes from time to time, now that you have made your own journey, may you enjoy the peace with our Lord.

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