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This is the entrance to Eagle Point National Cemetery.

Row upon row of white markers for veterans.

Phil's funeral was with military honors

Two of Phil's friends since high school, George and Cliff, came to...

Steve was comforted by his son Michael throughout the 2 days in...

The bagpiper played Amazing Grace.

Beckie's Restaurant is the Union Creek pie shop where we bought apple...

Union Creek campsite in the Rogue River Campround near Crater Lake in...

Picnic shelter

Janet, Phil's widow, is standing on a bridge with her 2 daughters...


Harry with family watching the memorial slide show of his son, Phil.

Apple pie from the local pie shop, Beckie's.

Debbie did a wonderful job putting together the slide show of Phil's...

Our son Michael, who lives in the Bay Area, picked me up Friday morning at 4:30 to drive up to Oregon for the funeral of my husband’s brother, Phillip Tillson. This was my forth funeral of this road trip—4 in only 5 weeks. I suppose that at my age funerals happen much more often than when I was younger. Still….

My husband drove up with his father Harry from Arizona and met us there. The air in southern Oregon was hazy from several forest fires in the area, but otherwise it was a clear blue sky over Eagle Point National Cemetery, just east of Medford. I had never been to a national cemetery other than Arlington, so I was happy to find this to be a very well cared for and beautifully landscaped cemetery to honor our veterans. Phil was in the Navy when he was young, and was eligible for a funeral with military honors. Phil’s son Steve asked a bagpiper who was formerly in the Air Force to play for the funeral, and it was moving to listen to Amazing Grace played so soulfully.

The family gathered at another of Phil’s sons Paul’s house in the country outside of Chiloquin. We talked and the kids played and the dogs chased around with our dog Babe. It was so nice to all be together. It was the second time this year, since we gathered in May for Steve’s Mom’s memorial.

Saturday morning we met in Union Creek campsite of the Rogue River Campground near to Crater Lake for a celebration of Phil’s life. This was Phil’s favorite campground, and he camped here many summers. The park was really perfect and we had reserved a picnic shelter that had running water, electricity, 4 tables and places to put all the food. D’Arcy had organized the picnic lunch, asking us to stop by the local pie shop for 2 pies. We picked out cherry and apple pies.

Phil’s son Steve selected music to accompany the slide show put together by his partner Deb. They had digitized many photographs from Phil’s childhood, growing up, time in the Navy, life as a family man, and ending with his funeral the day before. There wasn’t a dry eye to be seen—it was beautifully done and very touching.

We left after lunch to drive down to Redwood City, California. It was a long and emotional day—we were glad to get to Mike’s house and get welcomed hugs from our grandkids, Hazel and Ellery.

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