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Michael built a really neat play house for the girls this summer.

This is Hazel and Ellery in the loft of the play house

I took some photos of Hazel before her birthday party in her...

Cat stands behind Hazel, Jen and Ellery while the girls blow out...

Hazel and a butterfly wand.

Hazel is getting help opening presents from her sister Ellery.

David and Kate Burton, Cat's parents.

We celebrated Cat's sister Jen's birthday, too.

The honey bee tree was fun--we played with it after everyone left.

Ross and Laurie went to dinner at Milagro's with us Sunday evening.

They brought dessert with candles for Hazel and Harry.

Monday we met Ross, Laurie and Roger for for lunch at Donato--great...

Donato has an open kitchen.

The eggplant ravioli was wonderful--I have to try to make it myself.

the tiramisu was beautifully presented, but I could have made it better.

Harry and I are ordering dinner at Milagro on Sunday.

Sunday we attended a small party for our granddaughter, Hazel, put on for the family by Michael and his wife, Cat. Hazel turns 6years old on October 3rd, but there were family members in town now that were going to be gone on her actual birthday. She will have another party next week with her little friends.

Michael and Cat organized a brunch with fresh bagels, cream cheese, lox, sliced red onions and tomatoes, fresh fruit, and coffee from The Grinder. Kate, Cat’s mom, made a bread pudding with croissants, raisins and pecans, and served with a butterscotch pecan sauce. It was still warm and incredibly delicious. Cat will have a birthday cake for Hazel next weekend, so this time she gave both Hazel and Ellery pieces of watermelon with candles. Hazel opened birthday presents and we adults enjoyed playing with the kids and the new toys. Cat's sister Jen was visiting, so they also celebrated her recent birthday.

That evening we went to one of my favorite restaurants nearby, Milagros. It serves Mexican fare, and they celebrated Hazel's and Harry's birthdays with desserts with candles.

Days like this remind me that the cycle of life includes the young with old. Being around grandkids brings so much joy—it helps to offset the sadness that comes when we lose our family members.

Monday I went with Mike as he took Hazel and Ellery to their schools. We had lunch with Ross, Laurie, and another friend Roger at Donato’s in downtown Redwood City, where I had an eggplant ravioli that was wonderful. Their tiramisu was nicely presented but was not very good--I make much better. Laurie and I went shopping at World Market, and then we walked the 2 miles back to her house.

We spent the afternoon at Ross and Laurie's house. Mike and Cat brought home Chinese food for dinner, and we spent the night by the San Jose airport so Steve could get an early start driving with Dad and Babe back to the ranch. I will fly from here to Tucson to pick up by 4Runner there and drive up to the ranch in the afternoon.

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