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sunset on the way home from scuba diving

trying to avoid the sun at the volleyball match

the 100+ stairs up to our bungalow

this sign isn't exaggerating the steepness

there were so many puppies on our beach....but noooo people

some type of yummy fruit

we attempted sunrise, but the sun was behind the mountain :(

Wow we have been so busy and we’ve been having so much fun!!! Last Thursday (Nov 5th) we went on a self paddle kayaking tour in Phang-Nga bay. It was full of huge limestone cliffs that jet out of the water. Each island housed a series of caves that lead to various lagoons. We kayaked into two caves that opened up to hidden lagoons in the middle of these islands. We also had to walk through a couple caves to get into the lagoon. Ahhh it was so much fun. It was a very interesting and fun day! My favorite moment was when we were walking thigh deep in a lagoon; listening to the birds and silence. Our guide then said “oh look at the snake! It’s a very posioness snake. It doesn’t bite….well it might bite white people but it doesn’t bite Thais.” Sorry to tell you this ma, but he wasn’t joking. He proceeded to tell us “oh but don’t worry cuz he looks full he’s not hungry now”. It was so funny.

Friday and Saturday, Becky and I went scuba diving and wow it was phenomenal! We did six dives in two days. The first day we went to the Phi Phi islands. We saw loads of beautiful colorful coral and fish (Nemo fish, Rainbow fish, trumpet fish, trigger fish, blow fish, pipe fish and tons of tiger fish). Unfortunately it was rainy and kind of cold but once under water it was perfect. The second day was absolutely amazing. We went to Racha Noi and Racha Yai. The water was so clear and warm and the most beautiful color I’ve seen. Our dive instructor was so nice she let us take her camera on the second day and we took loads of pics. I just hope she post them so we can see them!!! On our last dive we were swimming along when all of the sudden our dive instructor was butted on the back of her head by a trigger fish. Immediately after another trigger fish came began attacking her. She put up her fins in front of her to protect herself, but these two were ganging up on her and she ended getting head butted another one or two times. The attack lasted about 15 seconds, which is a lifetime under water. As soon as it was possible the three of us swam away very quickly. Our instructor was lucky they didn’t bite her with their sharp beaks. Apparently these kind of fish become very aggressive and territorial during mating season. We tried several times to swim around them but they had a rather large territory they were guarding. Our instructor was ok, but it sure got everyone’s adrenalin going! Shelli and I wouldn’t have handled such an event as well as Jo (our dive instructor) did!

Sunday we went to go watch the Swatch Volleyball world tour. It’s the last stop of the world tour and so we saw the final 2 women matches. USA placed 1st 2nd and 4th. And surprisingly Russia (I didn’t realize Russia had any beaches) was 3rd. It was really fun to watch but dame was it HOT!!!!

We’ve been staying in Patong Beach in Phuket for the past few days and wow is it a trip! It’s the craziest lunatic town I’ve ever been to. There were loads and loads of foreign men taking home Thai prostitutes and loads and loads of transsexuals. I’ve never seen anything remotely like it. It was so overwhelming and somewhat disgusting. The town is loud, dirty and full of tourist and locals. It was way bigger than expected; but we made the best of it.

Monday we left the craziness of Phuket and went to Krabi providence; specifically Railay East beach. It was a HOT, sweaty, stinky, and long journey but we arrived safe and sound. This town is great and what I thought Thailand was gonna be like! I love it. It’s a small, relaxing town with a great vibe. The beach isn’t the best and the water isn’t nearly as clear and beautiful as Racha Noi but wow is the view spectacular. There are huge breathtaking limestone cliffs everywhere you turn. We are staying in the cutest bungalow in the jungle, but the 100+ stairs to get there are not that much fun in the heat!

That's it for now!

I'm having trouble loading pics cause I'm at an internet cafe, so they will have to wait.

Until Later!

We are having trouble posting pics for this blog, but there is a link to diving pics on Shelli's facebook.

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