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If you are looking for a relaxing paradise to unwind, this is the island for you!! We stayed at an amazing place on the beach that is run by a local Thai family, I think there was maybe 6 other people staying at the villas during our stay, so it was a quiet, private, wonderful paradise! I have to pack so Michal will continue....

Our days were spent having a light breakfast cooked by the Thai family and then heading off to the beach (about 15 feet away) for several hours of swimming, tanning, reading and relaxing in the hammocks. We would then return to our room and freshen up for our walk into town. The walk was about 10 minutes long but the first two days were so unbelievably humid that we were dripping sweat the entire time. We found a great little local place for lunch and ate there the first three days; generally pad thai or fried veggies and rice for Lindsay and green curry chicken with rice for me. We also found a little video store and rented a few movies to watch at night on the laptop. We would generally walk around town for a bit after lunch and then head straight back to our bungalow to jump in the water to cool off. After several more difficult hours of reading in our hammocks and then enjoying the breathtaking sunsets, we would go for dinner to the villa. The food was wonderful; we usually had sweet and sour pork or fried vegetables and rice. After dinner, we’d play a bit of kanasta by the beach and have a drink or two and then head back to our room to unwind from our stressful day by watching a movie.

Our stay at Koh Phangan was from Saturday until Thursday and after doing pretty much nothing the first three days, we decided to rent a scooter and explore the island on Tuesday and Wednesday. This was an interesting experience never having driven a scooter before, however, the learning process was relatively pain free. We headed up to a national park for a little hike up to a waterfall; which wasn’t that impressive but the cool water was certainly refreshing at that point! We continued to the other side of our island were we visited a few beaches before finding Malibu beach. It had absolutely the nicest sand we had even seen; we would literally sink into the white sand every step. After a couple of hours there, we saw storm clouds coming so we decided to head back. About 2 minutes into our drive, we were met by a torrential downpour, which stayed with us through the entire 25 minute drive. We must have been quite a sight for the locals; two white people in helmets going about 20 kms/hr in a crazy storm on a blue scooter. After showering, we just relaxed, watched the storm and took it easy the rest of the day. The following morning we left at 7:30 am to have breakfast and spend the morning at Malibu beach. Around 10:30, we once again saw storm clouds and decided to leave and; wouldn’t you know it, we once again got caught in a torrential downpour the entire way back!!! We’re now on our way into town to do a little shopping and have our last dinner in Koh Phangan…off to Koh Smaui first thing in the morning!

As far as cost is concerned, we spent 5 nights in a private air-conditioned bungalow by the beach, had about 2 meals each a day, used there pay internet a few times, rented a scooter and they washed and folded all of our dirty clothes for us. The total cost for all of this ended up being about 4,800 Baht…or $150 Canadian, $75 each. Gotta love Thailand!!!

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